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Friday, August 31, 2007


Shabbat Shalom, everyone! Just a quick note to say thanks again for all of the kindness in the past few days, and always, of course.

I'm just checking in to let you know (for those of you who didn't know already) that my surgery this morning went well--all the wisdom teeth came out without complication :-) Apparently I told my mother in the recovery room that I felt like I had just been on an "acid trip" which totally made her laugh, naturally, as I haven't the slightest idea what that would be like. I do remember that I felt like I wasn't under for very long and that I saw lots of colors and weird things like a strange dream. Anyway, the only downside so far has been that since my lower left tooth was impacted it caused pain immediately after I woke up from anesthesia, but good ol' Vicodin has taken care of that.

Sadly, I'm not supposed to talk much or do anything but rest, so my regular Shabbat routine has been canceled. Instead I will be curled up on the couch in my parents home drinking apple juice and tomato soup. *sigh* I guess it could be worse! I wish all of you a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and Shabbat Shalom!


RaggedyMom said...

You're so brave for going through with it. When RaggedyDad had his wisdom teeth removed, I was pregnant with Ann and super-queasy. When the oral surgeon was explaining to me how to help RD change the gauze, I felt really sick and nearly passed out from the gore. Glad you're over with it!!

Revel With A Cause Productions said...

Hey grl, glad you're feeling okay. I had my teeth pulled last summer, and when the oral surgeon asked me if there was anything I wanted/needed afterward, I shouted, "Yeah, I want my teeth!" at him. It is good to have that over with!