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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hello there, Blogland!

So, I had a bunch of *great* ideas for posts, and somehow in the miraculous act known as sleep, I lost them all. So alas and alack, I've got nothing. Cwap

Oh shoot! I just noticed this little warning doo-hickey that says there's a scheduled outage for 12:30, and it's 12:19 right now. It also says PST, so maybe I don't have to worry...But just in case, I'll stop for now and come back later.

The only real point I had to making this post was to announce that I'll be venturing even further into the cornfields (known as "home") for Thanksgiving break, but first I'll be spending Shabbat/ the weekend in Chicago (and hopefully making it to Milwaukee on the 18th!). I'm really excited because I'm heading up this evening, and so before Shabbat tomorrow MammaHila is going to go shopping with me! Woohoo...'Cuz ya know, I have to by birthday presents and what not...Seems like every darn relative I have has a birthday from Nov.1- Jan. 31st...Hmmm...Interesting point to ponder. But I digress. Bottom line is I need to get busy. Wish me luck dashing around and avoiding all the Christmas shoppers who will no doubt be all decked out in red and green splendor and buying like crazy. This will undoubtedly include MammaHila, who goes nuts at Christmas. Should be good times, as always!

Have a safe and happy Shabbat, as always! And a great Thanksgiving surrounded by your loved ones if I don't get to post again for you all before then!



kollel mama said...

wow, I just found your blog. You are so cool!!! keep posting

PsychoToddler said...

We missed you! Fortunately, I do have some video up on youtube. Also, I will be playing in Chicago Dec 3.

HilaHoney said...

kollel mama:

*blush* awww, thanks! I'll do my best!

Sorry, I wanted to make it but I couldn't escape Chicago from our hotel---they blocked the whole stinkin' city for their Christmas parade thingy! :'( I might be able to make it for December 3rd...It's my birthday, actually! :-) I'll definitely check out YouTube, though!