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Monday, November 27, 2006

Hello again!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say hello again and that I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! I know I certainly did. I was definitely proud of the way my pumpkin and apple pies turned out! Apple pie is my specialty, but I'd never made pumpkin pie before, so I was a bit nervous.

Anyhoo...Now I'm back at school, and let me tell you, I can't wait to be done! Only two more weeks of class, and then finals. Thank goodness. Blogging will be somewhat limited in the next couple of weeks, probably, but I hope that those of you who actually do read this don't disappear completely! I promise to post at least once a week, ok? :-)

Alrighty, time to get crackin' on my homework (yeah, right!) hahahah


1 comment:

RaggedyMom said...

Glad to hear your cooking was successful. I love apple pie. Unfortunately, RaggedyDad is not a big fan of cooked apples or cinnamon, so I don't make it very often. I made a few other things for the family friends where we ate on Thanksgiving: broccoli lo mein, vegetable dumplings, stuffing, apple cake, and chocolate chip bars. Everything turned out pretty well on my end, too.
Okay, enough food talk - go hit the books! :)