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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So excited!!!

I really should be getting to bed because it's 3:45 in the morning where I am, but alas, I am online reading blogs and whatnot! I am sooo super duper happy excited about this upcoming weekend!!! It's time for the XYZ Conference in ABC Town, Anystate, USA!!!! LOL!!! Originally I had put the real name of the conference/location, because I thought well, that doesn't really say where I'm from only where I'm going but after thinking about it a bit more I realized that the majority of people who go to said conference reside within a pretty limited area here in the US of A, so I changed it. Sorry. If you reaaaaallly wanna know, e-mail me and I'll tell you. Although you could wait until I get back, because I'll more than likely post about the workshops I attended, which will probably give away what conference it was anyway...*sigh* hahahah

Anyway,I went to this conference last year and it was such a blast, so I am really looking forward to it again this time! Unfortunately not all the cool people who went from my school last year are going this year, but it will still be a great time and I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people!

I'm already mentally packing all my outfits! hahahah I know, sad...But hey, a girl's gotta have aspirations ;-) jk!

I had the midterm from hell on Friday morning, but at least now things will calm down a bit for awhile...Yay for having my life back! Hahaha yeah, right, not for long!!! *sigh*

Other than school, not much is going on at the moment...Hope everyone is doing well! Look forward to reading all of your updates soon!



kasamba said...

Have agreat time there!

Chana (formerly "FrumpyChic") said...


I have a new URL - come and bookmark me! :)

I saw your comments - thanks! - I am a little busy spamming the J-blogosphere right now ;) - but yes, we are definitely in the same boat ;) And I have many stories about the voyage!!!

Saffron said...

Thanks for your LOVELY comment on my blog Hila!! Have a great time at the conference and I hope it's even better than last year. I hope you meet heaps of great people. AND I know you look gorgeous in those fantastic outfits you wear!! Ahhhh I so understand - I'm such a clothes person. LOVE EM! LOVE EM! LOVE EM! Can't wait till I can fit all the kabillions of clothes in my huge walkin wardrobe again. A girl's gotta love clothes right?! :) Have a blast and can't wait to read about it when you're back.